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Info tile - Activity texts


Desktop tile


Entity tile


available for the following entities: all


With the info tile "Activity texts" activities from subrange can be displayed. It is available for all entities linked with activities.


Sub range relation to activities

Here the relation of the entity, where the info tile is positioned, to activities is set. As default, "r<Entityname>Activity" is already given as pattern. The relation can be looked up in the Admin console under Customizing/linking entities in the last column "linktable".

Name of activity search

Here the exact name of the previously defined search is set.

The search needs to be constructed according to the following scheme:

Note that the search must be based on activities and that the search selects the corresponding master entity in the "Has-a" relation (Contact person in this example).

Additionally, the search must select the "Description" and "Creation Date" of the activity entity including the "no restriction" function; also the option "List key" must be activated:

In the "Has-a" relation (Contact person in this example) the primary key must be added using the "is equal to" function and the option "List key".

Additionally, the field "Dataset Status" must be selected with the "is equal to" true function.

If within the search a "Has-a" relation to the same entity is built up, i.e. Activities contains activity links, the option "Include field in search result" in the field “Primary key” must be deactivated.

Activity is HTML


If HTML is activated in the memo field of the activities, this option should be activated.


If no HTML is activated in the memo field of the activities, this option should be deactivated.

A wrong setting here leads to an erroneous display of line breaks.


Sub area relation to activities.


Name of activity search


Activity is HTML


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