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Creating a dataset in Windows Client


A new dataset can be created through interfaces (e.g. importing an e-mail), through application-based automatism (e.g. automatic creation of a person to a new business partner) or by manual input.

By creating a new dataset you start...

  • with the button New on the main toolbar.
    The button has a menu which you can access by clicking the triangle. In the menu you can select the desired Entity.

  • with the button Add dataset / New on the toolbar of the sub view.

  • with the button New in the dialog of the standard search.

  • New in the context menu of the main window.
    This variant is available in the form view and in the list view of the main window.

  • with New <Entity> in the context menu of a main window invocation in myCURSOR-CRM respectively on the main window in the myCURSOR-CRM sector.

  • Create new and assign in the context menu of the tree.

  • with the key combination INSERT.

New creation starts with the Duplicate check. Subsequently, the blank main window is opened in form view respectively the Quick entry mask is opened for business partner and contact person.

Mandatory fields have to be filled in, otherwise the new dataset cannot be saved.

Certain (specified by the administrator) fields are checked for uniqueness. If they are similar to other datasets, you are asked to change the entry. This could be possible for a match code.

The new dataset has to be saved. If you want to discard the new creation, you have to delete the dataset, even if you have not saved it. Otherwise the main window cannot be left.

New creation in the lookup window is not possible.

Creating datasets

This is how to create:


Business partner

Contact person



Telecommunication data




Quote item


Contract item


Product Description





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